Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is going on??

This just in: Antonioni has died, age 94. (And I swear L'Avventura wasn't on my Netflix queue...)

(Via Dizzyhead Dennis)

Update: NYT obit.

UPDATE: Dizzyhead Dennis says, "It's weird—Antonioni has sort of become more fashionable than Bergman, and now in death, he's kind of upstaging him."

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Blogger d. rodriguez said...

Dennis's note makes me think of T. Jefferson and J. Adams both dying on July 4, and Adams supposedly (& wrongly, as T.J.'d already passed) lamenting, "Thomas Jefferson survives." I wonder if there were any similar feelings at play here, i.e. "I'm not letting that dour old Swede snag all the applause..." [croak].

4:00 PM  

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