Thursday, May 31, 2007

Too far gone

I e-mailed Dizzyhead Euge about Sissy Spacek's 1969 response record to the nude cover of John and Yoko's Two Virgins, and he dug up the actual song! (She recorded a whole album, under the name Rainbo.)

A classic? You decide!

* * *

And speaking of Yoko—sounds like she's going to the dogs...or rather, eating them!

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Blogger Mollie said...

This is a great find! The Dizzies, your source for embarrassing Beatles-related oddities!

The song would have benefitted from a little more time spent on the chorus (is she making up the tune as she goes?), but I like the orchestral, faux-Beatles arrangement, and the lyrics are kind of amazing. (Did she just say "I recall you turned me on with 'Pepper'"?)

8:38 AM  
Blogger Ed Park said...

"The tour we took with Lucy was a trip I won't forget!"

9:10 AM  

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