Friday, May 25, 2007

Obsess completely

More baseball weirdness from Jane:

Attention to detail to the Nth degree, finding comfort in neatness, straight lines, symmetry and routine or "being anal" is pervasive in the game. From Blue Jays shortstop John McDonald repeatedly straightening the remaining cards in a deck during clubhouse game of hearts to the visiting clubhouse attendant at Chase Field refilling a cooler when only one bottle had been removed so as to restore symmetry -- anal-retentive behavior is everywhere.

Magazines and newspapers resting atop a counter in the same Chase clubhouse are not merely resting, they are arranged. The top two inches of five copies of the Arizona Republic are displayed. USA Today and other periodicals lie next to them as if glued in place. God forbid someone open one and disturb the symmetry -- and the people responsible for it.



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