Monday, October 30, 2006

System of a clown

I was just in Chicago, that mighty "London of the West"; my itinerary and the date trigger this appropriate quote from the Keeler archives!

"You are leaving New York in 3 hours," he said quietly. "And you will in all likelihood do nothing particular in Chicago itself. Except to report to a certain man there who is high in our System—one Nasaku Sato. What you will do, Shinzo, will be done between those cities, the spirit of Jummu Tenno permitting. And what you will do will advance, more than anything known today, Japan's plans for the domination of all China. And the consequent attainment by her of a huge nucleus for man-power—as well as an adequate territorial base—for the formation in 30 or 40 years of a vast military, naval, and aeronautical machine capable by that time of upsetting the whole white tenure of land on the Western half of this rich country here. In short, Shinzo, to you has been given this day of October 30th the honor of recovering the 13th Coin of Confucius!"
—Harry Stephen Keeler, Finger, Finger! (1938)

(Alas—I did not locate the coin!)


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