Sunday, October 22, 2006

Publisher's Hunch

Here's what they're saying about The New-York Ghost around the blogosphere! Make sure to visit the site and sign up for your free subscription. Issue #5 "drops" sometime next week!

(Photo: The Face at the Window Studios)

"My favorite on-line reading."
Renata, a Greenpeace Member Blog

"The New-York Ghost is comment and curse, dream and document, farce and phantasma, the beautiful of a beautiful mind and the damned of our damned Gotham. It is a depressed gargoyle and a tempestuous drummer. It is the show that never ends in Plato's Cave, the ink forming human sentences upon the pulp of pines of centuries too few to count. It is the concrete and the cosmos. It is how to lounge with life, how to dance with death. It is all. It is all." —The Face at the Window
"The New-York Ghost gives me a good feeling. I want to protect it from harm."
Crude Futures

* * *

And while you're at it, why not take out a paid (but cheap—relatively speaking!) subscription to The Believer? It's only $45, about a 50% savings off the cover price.

You can also give the gift of Believing to assorted friends, relatives, and random passers-by. And then encourage them to "Pay it forward!"

* * *

Brooklynites! Find out exactly where Walt Whitman lived in your exalted borough, in Dizzyhead Rachel's piece, now up at the Poetry Foundation website.

Choice quote: "Is he the guy renting out apartments?"

* * *

Get Down: In the Times today, C.Carr's evocative piece about living on the "Lower Worst Side" gives props to Dizzyhead Brandon's Up Is Up!


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