Thursday, October 26, 2006

Penn state

Name of Korean pop duo, seen in credits at end of movie in last night's dream:

A Skinnier Penn & a Fatter Teller

* * *

Here's what they're saying about The New-York Ghost (visit the site to subscribe):

"I don't want to give up the Ghost!"
—Jess Molar, Brooklyn

"I could not stop laughing while reading issue 5—my cube-mate thought I was having a seizure. Too many quotes had me rolling [on the carpet]..."
—U.G. Chough, Midtown

"I printed; I delighted in. Consider me spooked
through and through, in a positive way." —H.L. Kahn, New Haven

* * *

Wordless wonderland: Check out Dizzyhead Hua's portrait of Taiwan.


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